Learn what people are saying about VRMU training

The information was presented well and was insightful. This information can easily be translated into your work life.

Scott - 8/18/2016

Good material, very informative and interesting

Karen - 8/18/2016

I love that VRM cared enough, to vest in the topic

Patty - 8/18/2016

Good information, well communicated and organized

Paul - 8/18/2016

Very informative. Well put together and photos of actual properties were good to see

Brenda - 7/28/2016

Pleasant people on this panel. Instilled their desire to have everyone work together. Took time to answer all questions.

GaeVon - 7/28/2016

Liked the discussion and examples of what is in scope and what is a bid item

Jesse - 7/28/2016

I just like to improve my skills and this training certainly helps

Dianne - 7/28/2016

I believe this was the best and most informative webinar to date

Stephen - 7/28/2016

Well presented. It was good to learn about things that have not previously been discussed

Gary - 7/28/2016

Informational slides and examples

Christine - 7/28/2016

This one was ideal

Valerie - 7/20/2016

Have training courses that are broke down into different segments. We thought this format was good and very informative

John - 7/20/2016

The content of this course was my ideal training

Barbara - 7/20/2016

This was GREAT!

Adam - 7/20/2016

Poll Questions…they were fun

Glenn - 7/20/2016

User friendly, easy to follow, see, and hear. Good info

Mario - 7/20/2016

I appreciated how each of the presenters were very thorough with the information provided

Michelle - 7/20/2016

Dialogue with the attorney and examples provided were very good. Time of the webinar was perfect.

Dwight - 7/19/2016

It was full of needed information. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.

Josephine - 4/20/2016

The information provided was very detailed and informative. Looking forward to more webinars.

Claire - 4/20/2016

Very concise and easy to follow.

Lynn - 4/20/2016

Very interesting, need to go back and look at my organization and see what and how we can implement

Adam - 4/20/2016

The women who presented the information were very informative.

Laura - 4/20/2016

Good speakers

Matt - 4/20/2016

The question and answer period was informative

Cheryl - 4/20/2016

Well informed in depth materials good information

Mark - 4/20/2016

As an individual agent, I appreciated the fact that the material and the panelists expanded my thinking to a business level.

Ponttee - 4/20/2016

All the helpful information provided by the speakers was great!

Lisa - 4/20/2016

Very good information

Alfredo - 4/20/2016


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